Exceptional skill. Extraordinary care. A promiss of perfection





Shatti Al Qurum Medical center is a state of the art medical facility blended with highly qualified medical, nursing and paramedical staff trained to provide empathetic care. The center is equipped with Advanced technology and aims to bring in international quality & health standards, to enhance customer satisfaction.

The Center’s objectives :

• Improve the health and comfort of the patient , where the patient is the focus of everyone 's attention inside the center .


• Provide a high level of health care.


• Adherence to professional ethics and to maintain best practices.


• Focus on preventive health care.


• To play an active role in health education for all segments of society and the continuous training of medical staff .


• Work to increase the satisfaction of the regular patients .


• Putting together a proper work environment that encourages  the continuous improvement of the quality of health care .


• The effective use of IT to support planning and quality management to improve health services .

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